Soundtrack Sunday: Tay Swift

Happy Sunday loves!

This week I have a obsession with Taylor Swift songs! It’s funny because I really don’t like country music. The only exception of course would be Taylor Swift. I have been listening to her songs non stop on my iTunes and I have to share my favorites! Typically I would only share five tracks, but I couldn’t help myself this time!   


The reason why I like Taylor’s songs so much is because they make me think. Plus they are fun easy listening tracks that I find myself singing along to! I also find myself playing her songs while I’m working in the office! Check out my picks below!

1. Haunted
2. Eyes Open
3. Should’ve Said No
4. You’re Not Sorry
5. Speak Now
6. Enchanted
7. Back To December
8. Mine
9. Better Than Revenge
10. Fearless

What are your favorite Taylor Swift songs? Share them with us in the comments below!


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